And our family grows…

Our grand-daughter Weasy just celebrated her 11th birthday. She is a typical pre-teen. She loves clothes, shoes, hair styles, anything pink and collecting apps on her Kindle. (I keep reminding her she can read books on it also.) She is the picture of modern All-American. So what does she want for her birthday? A RABBIT!

Not the easy to care for stuffed version. Nope. Our Weasy wants the real deal. And having awesome parents and a house full of pets already, they said yes! So into the family we welcome… Lucy!

Not to be out done, her brother got a critter for his room also. Annabelle came from a home whose owner is off to college and finding bunny care and studies a bit too much. Annabelle couldn’t be luckier to have found a home in Scooter’s room.

The Hub aka G-pa almost came unglued at the thought of keeping rabbits in the house. The farm boy in him knows of rabbit hutches and piles of droppings… And… he is of old school thinking… because while growing up, pets, along with ALL animals, were meant to be outside. I will admit, this was my first thought also.

We visited our new family members last weekend. All fears of horrendous potty issues subsided after introductions and petting. (I believe petting is the bunny version of a high-five.) All is good… As long as Weasy remembers to pick up Lucy’s pebbles left on the bed after playing.



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