I want to do better… but I’m a little confused.

I’m new at blogging… so when I came across the article How To Write A Better Blog I thought, all right, sign me up. I’m willing to learn from the blogging experts. So I blew the dust off the laptop screen, wrote a note reminding myself to dust tomorrow and continued to read.

I found a series of interview answers from other bloggers. First up was a gal named Kheidee… and I quote, “Success is getting what you want. Once you are happy with what that, then your blog is successful.” (In case you are wondering, this is not a miss-quote.) I pondered this statement for quite some time. I still can’t make sense of it, but evidently it’s working for Kheidee.

From here I’ll just paraphrase (and clean up a little of the) other advice given.

“Blog by the rules” Jess said. Then in the next breath she said to do what I want and blog what I want. Huh? Jessie girl, have you been hanging around with Kheidee?

I also gleaned from the article that I am to “express what they are interested in”. I believe “they” are you and since I don’t know what you are interested in I’m going to assume its the same stuff I’m interested in cause that’s what I’m going to write about anyway. (<– award-winning run on sentence.)

Next I’m to “use my passion to teach others”.  I’m passionate about having fun. Don’t think I can teach ‘fun’… but you never know. Just in case, I will try to put into practice what I’ve just learned…

So, here’s to you Jess… I’m about to blog by the rules which seems to mean I get to do what I want. Here is one of my favorite musical groups. I think they are fun. They are The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Possibly I’ve taught you about a new musical group? I hope you find them inspiring.

Oh my stars… blogging was much easier before I read that article.


2 thoughts on “I want to do better… but I’m a little confused.

  1. I am writing this as I listen to your wonderful video, and I’m smiling. This is fun!
    The blogging concept is a mystery to me as well, but playing with different ideas was so much fun, that the rules didn’t matter to me that much once I got going.
    The idea of rules for blogging is somewhat amusing, in fact.
    I just wanted to make my blog a pretty place to visit, but also one where no credit cards are required to enjoy it.
    This video is cracking me up. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Hey Kristen… So happy you enjoyed the Ukulele Orchestra. I think those two words together are in themselves funny.

      I thought the idea of blogging and ‘rules’ to be a bit strange and especially the way it was presented (slightly obtuse) in the blog I was reading… however the result was the creation of my post. Gotta love (and run with) inspiration when it hits.

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