Another woman has been calling my husband…

…she’s also been sending him text messages. I found this out by accident.   Honest… I wouldn’t snoop into his cell phone affairs business. I completely trust the guy… and for good reason, if he had something to hide, he’d have no idea how to do it. After all these years of being a cell phone carrier he only makes about five calls a year, I’ve talked him through sending one text message (had to take three Advil after) and he seldom answers his calls. To do that you’d have to turn the phone on… and then keep it with you. A frustration I voice each month as we hand over copious amounts of money to the phone company for his ability to be like one of the guys.

Back to the mysterious woman…  I found her in his phone a few months ago and didn’t think anything of it. Lots of people intercept wrong numbers, even I have.. but I usually end up having conversations with them… but that’s just me. I found her because I was cleaning out his (numerous) missed calls and (one) text message because he doesn’t know how. I noticed the same unknown number continued to show up… then text messages arrived. (How are you today? I’ll see you later? Hmmm… ) Then it happened… a voice mail. As the Hub sat in the living room reading, I listened. This woman now had a voice. And I had an idea.

That’s right… Google search outed Lois and it also told me where she lives… some 250 miles away. I’m now feeling my inner Columbo minus the trench coat. But now that I had a name, Lois became a real person.

Suddenly I was worried about Lois. Shouldn’t she be wondering why her friend wasn’t responding to her messages? Why no one called her back? Was she sitting by the phone worried? Lonely? That’s when it occurred to me… Lois is as inept at cell phone use as the Hub.

I told the Hub what I’d found. That his new friend Lois had been calling him. He gave a little grunt as he turned a page in his book. Yep… I have nothing to worry about.


3 thoughts on “Another woman has been calling my husband…

  1. What a funny little story, that didn’t end at all the way I thought it would!
    As someone who has no interest in keeping in touch via text (way too slow for someone with lots of words and not a lot of time) I can sympathize with your husband. Give me a laptop and some email every time. 🙂

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