I Did It… I Finally Did It…

Today the grand-kiddos were sprung from their classrooms early. I was the designated kid-catcher which also came with the added responsibility of lunch maker. Although I didn’t want to make anything I chose not to panic. I had an idea and the kids were okay with it. After a minor fret over wondering what was wrong with my cooking I realized I had uttered the magic word… pizza!

Pizza from Taste of Home Magazine

That’s right, I said I’d stop and pick up pizza on the way to the house. That alone is no big deal. We get pizza all the time. Maybe not ALL the time, but often enough to be proficient at ordering.

Our favorite is the Cowboy on thin crust with white sauce… You too can delight in this wonder of pizza-dom at your nearest Papa Murphy’s. And the best part is Papa Murphy’s is known for their abundance of… coupons! I have stacks of them. They come in the mail, they are hidden in the newspaper, the school kids each year sell us coupon books full of them. I put them by the phone, in the car, and in my purse. They are everywhere except in my memory. I seldom, if ever, remember to use that magical coupon which will reduce my bill, allowing me to feel I’ve saved our budget from ruin.

Today I remembered. I confidently handed over my coupon with my money, successfully saving me $2.00. I stood straighter and held my head high as I shouldered my way out the door carrying lunch.

I think I’ve experienced the rush of being an Extreme Couponer… SWEET!

*Dear Papa Murphy: After all this free advertising I’ve done for you, I’ll be expecting some extra coupons to arrive shortly.



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