Moving into Spring… A Question.

Picture and question from Aspire. Motivate. Succeed! Facebook version.

As a person who over many years has climbed the junk ladder to phenomenally successful heights and is now in the throes of trying to eliminate said junk, this is a VERY complicated question.

First how BIG is the backpack? I may need the gigantic version with expanding sides on wheels kind. In red and purple please. And possibly someone to carry/drag it for me.

My needs have changed with the years. I no longer feel the pressure to try to impress others …not sure I ever did… so that eliminates all the clutter around me. Although there is much here that is pleasing to my eyes, put up against the word ‘necessity’, they don’t make the cut. Hmmm… what does?

My Bible.Yes… this is a must for me. I have many verses committed to paraphrase. That’s not good enough. I need the book.

My medicines… No sense packing if I’m not going to live to use it. Besides I’m going to need that Advil from lugging around this hefty eye-catching red and purple number.

Now comes the tricky part. How to stuff all my friends and family into a backpack. This is where I will have to square off with my own earlier tales of woe. Remember my rant about technology? Yeah… well now I need it. All of it. In goes the laptop, phone, and camera. My life-line to *people. I would never want to eliminate people from my world.

*It all boils down to faith, family and friends for me. Hope they all get along in that sassy little red and purple backpack. Oh yeah…Move over everyone, I need to toss in an extra pair of flip-flops and a box of Girl Scout cookies. Perfect!



7 thoughts on “Moving into Spring… A Question.

  1. Nice post, Ellen! It really gets me to thinking. I would most likely put the exact same things into that backpack. The only other thing I’d add would be my Nook tablet, so I could have access to a bunch of books. Assuming, of course, a wireless internet connection was close by. In fact, if I could have all that and be inside a Barnes & Noble bookstore? I’d be a happy woman! 🙂

  2. My laptop (with software Kindle on board), a notebook and a pen. I think that’s all. 🙂 I travel light these days.

    This scenario was actually featured in the movie ‘Up in the Air’ (George Clooney) Very interesting to think about.

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