There Is A Hole In My Bucket (List)

I have the desire to do it all. To go, to be, to do. If someone says, “Hey, let’s go throw rocks in the river” and it’s pouring rain, I can only find one shoe and don’t have a rock to my name…. I don’t care, count me in. A few years down the road I may end with no memory of what I’ve done… No matter, what’s important is that I experience the life I was blessed with.

The other day I was hit in the head with the reality stick causing me to think about updating my bucket list. The list is eternally long, my life span not so much. (At least the earthly life.) Therefore, time for some revising.

1) CHECKEat a whole package of Tagalong Girl Scout Cookies in one sitting. Embarrassingly, this item has been repeated several years in a row. In my defense… there isn’t as many cookies in the package as there used to be. I am proud to have helped many girls earn their “ask grandma, she can’t say no to anything” badge.

2) DROPBecome a Super Model. After eating that box of Tagalong cookies and lying around, lethargically flipping through magazines I noticed very few models in their 60’s and over-weight. I’m no fool. My chances of breaking into the biz are dwindling. (I don’t think a one of those models has ever eaten a cookie. They have no idea what they’re missing.)

3) DROP… As sanity kicked in I grabbed the nearest eraser and furiously eliminated Bungee Jumping from the list. Way to many “what ifs” involved. This is the visual which continues to pass before my eyes… I jump off a bridge screaming hysterically. After the longest free fall in bungee history the cords reach their maximum distance allowing my head to dunk into the waters of a freezing river. I am then flung out and up with wet hair flipping in into my eyes blinding me to the fact that I am now about to bang my head into the underside of the bridge I’d just been pushed off of. At this point I’m sure I was pushed cause no sane person would do this willingly.

I am proof that with age comes wisdom. I am starting to gain perspective on what is important in life. Eating cookies = important. Jumping off bridges = not so much. Hey.. it’s a start.


10 thoughts on “There Is A Hole In My Bucket (List)

  1. I always hate to cross something off my list. It makes me realize that “I’m not as good as I once was.” Therefore, I remain hopeful that I’ll someday try bungee jumping. 🙂

  2. I hadn’t considered putting cookie-eating on my bucket list! Maybe I will, along with a few other foods I haven’t tried.
    …since the possible super model gig has long since been dropped off my list as well. 😉

    Love the post!

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