Defiling Starbucks Cards…

I got a call last night… several in fact, from my brother and sister-in-law. (who I will refer to as E&C) They had gone to their grandsons’ art show at school. I got a run down on the boys beautiful creations. Pictures had been taken and soon I will get to admire said works for myself. However, besides kid art there was also demonstrations by real adult artists. (All artists, no matter age, are real… never forget that… especially around 3-4 year olds. They can be a tad touchy.)

C. called on her cell phone. Something big was happening because she hardly ever uses it. She is still under the impression they are for emergencies only. I will admit, I started cell phone use with the same premise. This call surly HAD to be important… and it was!

She had talked to an artist at the show whose medium was…. (gasp) Starbucks cards. When C. mentioned she cut them up to create her pictures, my stomach literally turned. My head screamed “Nooooooo, is nothing sacred anymore?” A little more chatting and I settled down… but just a little.

With more information I was introduced to Mary Ellen Bowers the defiler of Starbucks Cards and maker of art. I hope someday to see her creations in person.

Mary Ellen’s work is both beautiful and unique. So I guess it’s okay if she cuts up Starbucks Cards… as long as she doesn’t come near mine.


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