Wind and rain… be gone!

As I filled my coffee cup this was the view out my kitchen window this morning. What you can’t see is the trees swaying in the wind. You also can’t see the dreary look on my face because this was the morning I was going to start my ‘walk for fitness’ program. Okay, that was a blatant lie… but the dreary face wasn’t.

We are on day, aaaah …shoot, it’s been so long I’ve lost count… of wind and rain beating on us. Also had a little snow thrown in for variety. But still this is the final days of winter and we should be progressing out of this stuff, not revving up.

I’ve heard reports there are daffodils, crocus and tulips trying to hold a grip on the ground so they won’t wash away before blooming. I haven’t actually seen them. (Check window picture above.) Walking outside involves the ‘head down into the wind’ stance. Which reminds me…

My garbage can is in the road, laying on its side, lid-less. I should go rescue it and…. wait a minute. Just checked… the whole thing is GONE!!!

update: To the person who took the time to slog through a down pour to rescue and return our precious garbage can AND lid to its home base near the garage door while I was chatting busy on the phone, I extend a sincere THANK YOU.

6 thoughts on “Wind and rain… be gone!

  1. You, too, huh?! We have had horizontal rain, rain mixed with snow and wind…and it just keeps coming. This seems like an unbelievable amount of rain! Stay dry down there! : )

  2. I guess we got all the pretty spring weather here in Tennessee. At least we did until this afternoon. Poured buckets!

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