The Portland Timbers are playing…

…right NOW! Their season opener will be played in typical soccer weather – wind and rain. The weather will not dampen the enthusiasm of 14,500 season ticket holders plus enough to fill the stands to 20,000 strong… and standing room only. (Not sure I’m THAT dedicated.)

My love of the sport began in the 70’s when my little boys signed up to play soccer. Yes… I’ve been a soccer mom for thirty-sev… okay then… moving on. I’ve spent most of my life sitting in the rain on the side of a soccer field. There was also the social draw of visiting with other moms… and honestly there were times we’d have to scramble at the end of a game to find out who won before our boys came back across the field. (Don’t tell, ‘kay?)

For me the Timber games are played in my living room… making attendance exceedingly convenient. However my house is quiet. Not so the stadium packed with the Timber’s Army. My wild side is attracted to them. They are loud, enthusiastic and just as entertaining as the game. The Army has become known for their rendition of our National Anthem. No fancy, schmancy show off singing here…just heart.

In this family it’s natural to love soccer. My boys planted the seed years ago… and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Note: Timbers won 3-1


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