I’d like to have a Word(s) With (you my) Friends…

…a Words With Friends game that is. And I also like word sparing with family and with strangers and with strangers who have become friends. (A quick ‘hello’ to new wordy friends Justine and Gert on the right coast.) I didn’t always play.

The buzz word was WORDS. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone was playing it… except me. (This is where I’d do a long drawn out sigh with slumped shoulders as the private pity party progressed.) I felt left out, left behind and left in the dust.

I knew I had a wealth of words in me and was anxious to get out onto that virtual board and sent into space for someone…anyone to respond. It was Facebook to my rescue. I was heady with excitement. I would sit here, eyes glued to the screen waiting for the notice saying it was my turn. Who knew it was about to get even better? Kindle-fire came along and set me free to roam the world while playing. Life was now perfect.

While happily arranging letters I found there are many different playing styles.

  • There are people who don’t like to lose and will quit before losing. (What’s the difference?)
  • There are people who obviously use word helps. (Through their diligence to find the perfect play I have learned the words… panchax, frowzy and zelkova.)
  • There are people who after a few plays just don’t show up again. (Hey…come back. I’m really nice once you get to know me. (I think.))
  • And there are people who humbly play knowing it’s just a game. (I hope I fall in this category.)

The best part of Words With Friends is the challenge…

Like how will I use the B, Q, V, two U‘s and L sitting in front of me.

Hmmm… No help please, I’ll figure it out. Maybe.


4 thoughts on “I’d like to have a Word(s) With (you my) Friends…

  1. Hope you’ve found a word by now – meantime I’d be happy to help, if I could. Those last three words are key…

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