Email’s Question of the Day…

What has been complicating your life recently? My email inbox delivers to me one thought-provoking question each day. This one came in last week. What an inconsequential question. This surely doesn’t apply to me. I have been drifting along on life’s cloud enjoying the fluffy ride. (Denial has its rewards.)

That was when the inevitable happened. A battery went dead… then another…and another. What is complicating my life you ask?

 Technology Overload.  ACK… This is just what was within arms reach. Unable to attend this photo session where the Wii remote, smoke alarm and electric razor to name a few. (I think they were busy being recharged.)

Contrary to the views of some grandchildren I know… I did not do my first communicating by Pony Express. We did however have a telephone tethered securely to the wall AND we were on a party line. (The precursor to Facebook?)

Complication? Now that I’ve been shoved off my comfy cloud and into reality I see I am living my complication daily… Cutting conversations short because the phone beeped to say time to recharge. Having to stop reading because the Nook/Kindle was in need of recharging. Missing a great (blackmail) shot because the camera’s battery chose that moment to die. I love the convenience of all my ‘things’ but they do come at a price… occasional inconvenience.

I will not… make that cannot give up my newly acquired modern ways of communication… (The pony needs a rest.) …But I can shutdown for a while and chat with my friends face to face or read books printed on real paper. I’m versatile that way… Or I can unplug completely and contemplate how I should have invested in the Energizer Bunny. Think of all the technology I could afford if I had!


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