The Bobblehead Dad and I have something in common…

…Cancer has been a big part of our lives. I have lost my gramma, mom, brother and father-in-law to the disease. Seeing as my family has a tendency toward cancer I have become frightfully aware of its presence and am drawn towards autobiographies and memoirs of cancer winners. They give me hope.

Somehow I found Jim Higley and his book Bobblehead Dad: 25 lessons I forgot I knew. He lost his mother, father and brother to cancer. We have all that in common except he added one more… he was also diagnosed with cancer.

The good news is, Jim is a survivor. And, he survived with his sense of humor in tact. Maybe it’s because he’s the youngest with several older brothers (This I also understand.) and therefore his survival skills were well honed. (I’m starting to think we are almost clones of each other, except I’m way older… and a girl.)

His story is told with a great sense of humor. I laughed, I cried and sometimes laughed till I cried. I’m sure the tears of joy he gifted me are the same which pulled him through his journey. Jim Higley has heart and spirit and a love for life that is contagious.

Sometimes when I pick a random book to read I get a clunker. Not this time. Jim Higley’s Bobblehead Dad is a reading ‘homerun’…

3 thoughts on “The Bobblehead Dad and I have something in common…

  1. Great book recommendation! I’ve lost only one family member due to cancer – my mother’s father. I’m encouraged by all the survivors in recent years.

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