Lessons in Friendship…

…delivered through Facebook.

First I want to say I enjoy my time on Facebook. I get to peek in the windows of my friends and family, sharing their joys and sorrows… throwing out encouragement when needed… and snarky comments when I can’t control myself. It all sounds like fun right?

Where else can you announce to the world you have a hangnail that is leaving you in hopeless pain… or display pictures of a baby birth that was pure JOY! (Really? I remember that experience a little differently.) And that picture from the party last Saturday night? You may want to rethink sharing that. Just sayin’…

Facebook is not always a walk through the park for those of us who grew up cultivating face-to-face friendships that took time and work. I’ve noticed some use their friends list as a numbers game. If I were playing that game I’d be a for-sure loser. How have you made 847 ‘friends’ by the age of 23? Well, I’m not believing them. My experience has been different and I believe a little more true to life.

In my short time in this social media venue I have had four people who never bothered to respond to my friend request. Most disturbing about this is three of them are family.

Five people have snuck out the back door without saying goodbye. Umm… just a note to those who think they go unnoticed, since we have mutual friends… I can still see you, this makes your disappearance even more noticeable.

I have even cut the friendship strings to a few. Crude and offensive posts were at the center of those. (Who knew I had a standard?)

I even have six friends who said goodbye explaining that Facebook wasn’t for them. I get that. One person said they felt like they were spying on people… Seriously? That’s my favorite part of all this madness.

See ya later… I have a puppy picture I need to go comment on.


2 thoughts on “Lessons in Friendship…

  1. I think we have a mutual friend who defriended both of us. That must make us special, in some backwoods, off-the-wall way. Facebook is a good place for me to keep in touch with my oldest daughter… the one who lives in Georgia, on the other side of the country. My other children are there but rarely interact. And my siblings are the worst!! They’re all too busy working to enjoy the internet. One of them is totally incognito on the internet which I think is strange because he works with computers. It is sad that people are so worried about their personal privacy that they can’t enjoy one of the greatest and most unifying inventions we’ve ever been blessed with.

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