happy birthday Dr. Seuss…

Flappity Bappity Gurrgily juice, runs through my veins for Dr. Seuss.

Flappity Bappity Giggily books, I read for years to astonished looks.

Flappity Bappity where did you go? You live in my heart if you really must know.

I spent many years in a classroom reading Dr. Seuss. (as a teacher, not a student). What joy his words brought to little faces. Although Sam’s green eggs and ham in real life were not so well received. Dr. Seuss’ magical words still bubble up at unexpected moments. The smiles continue.

[Late to the party, my post sat all day. Waiting to publish, the time got away.]

2 thoughts on “happy birthday Dr. Seuss…

  1. Lovely! Like you, I read Dr. Seuss to children, at a library then later in a classroom. And of coutse to our children. The rhythm and the rhymes made it so much fun! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. In the far-a-way country of Salamasond
    Yertle the turtle was king of the pond…

    Thanks for a reminder of the Seuss touch and how in my family it did nothing for one child, but lit up another’s imagination. A powerful lesson for this librarian to validate different tastes.

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