Waiting for the kids…

It snowed last night. We got what is called a dusting. Here in the upper left coast our ground is lumpy. I may live here on the valley floor and my neighbor three blocks away could be living on a mountain. The mountain top people have a tendency to collect most of the snow before it can get to us at the bottom of the hill. This makes sledding fun… to a certain point. (The right rocks can make sled runners spark.)

The depth doesn’t matter. We just don’t do snow well around here. We deal with the slippery stuff with a ‘deer in the headlights’ approach. Schools are cautious. This is a good approach considering they are dealing with our tax deductions. Okay, my tax deductions left their grips years ago but I have grandkid’s who still attend.

Today their school attendance depends on me. With their parents at work the responsibility trickles down (that snowy hill) to me. So here I sit… ready. Waiting for kids so I can take them back out to where they just came from.

In the mean time I’ll sip coffee and admire the beauty of snow…

Digging Out


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