Oscar night… What shall I wear?

… I really think my sweats are too casual. My good jeans perhaps with the purple top. It’s the one with no stains. Now for some jewels… let’s see… the cubic zirconia studs add the perfect dazzle. My entrance down the hardwood carpeted hallway in my fuzzy pink slippers is sure to sweep all (if the Hub happens to look up) off their feet… pass the popcorn please… this is after all about movies.

It’s Oscar night! A time for the movie industry to gather and honor themselves. Who came up with this brilliant idea? Thought maybe we should do the same in this household then started to worry. Even though I’d be the only nominee in the toilet cleaning category I still might not win. How embarrassing would that be?

Back to the movies… I had every intention of getting to the theater this year as my list of ‘want to see’ movies continued to grow… *the Help. (Read the book. Stunning.) *War Horse (Read the book. Loved it.) *Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Have the book. Still plan to read.) *One For The Money (Read the book. Love anything that makes me laugh.) *Iron Lady (Meryl Streep’s in it. Love her.) …and the list goes on.

It appears I’d rather sit and read rather than watch a movie. Not that I don’t have favorites. Movies that is… A couple of my go-to movies…

Open Season came into my life in 2006. Boog and Elliot = best animated comedy team EVER! …and McSquizzy gave this family the term “bahookie” to sit on.

The very next year the Bee Movie flew into my life. “Yellow-black, yellow-black, yellow black, yellow-black… Oh, black and yellow. Yeah, let’s shake it up a little.” ~Barry B. Benson. Brilliant plays on bee words throughout. When watching a movie I want the brain to rest and be entertained…

Same goes for watching the Oscars. I haven’t seen a one of tonight’s nominees. So my focus will be on the ever entertaining Billy Crystal who will host as only he can. I’ll munch popcorn and if by chance start to lose interest, I have back up… see above.


10 thoughts on “Oscar night… What shall I wear?

  1. I knew when i decided to follow this blog I would be in for regular treats. OSCAR NIGHT is one of them. Better than the real thing. Will be laughing all the way through it because of this. Thanks.

  2. I loved that Billy was back and in great form! I wish they’d just stick with him instead of trying out other so-called “comedians”……He should be an Oscar fixture just like Bob Hope and then Johnny Carson used to be. I DVR’d the awards, but this morning, have only watched his usual grand opening scenes and probably won’t bother watching the rest. My mom used to love the Oscars so much, and I guess cos it’s one of the few really good things we shared, I always think of her a lot this time of year. Thanks for the chuckle, Sis. I adore looking at the world thru *your* lense. =)

    • We …of a certain age… know the value of humor without hurting. Billy is one of the best. I even heard an interview with Natalie Portman (before the show) say she felt relaxed knowing she wasn’t going to be ‘attacked’. WOW. He’s a class act.

  3. love this piece. hil-arious: just like YOU. your timing, your delivery, and i love how you’ve READ all the books the movies were based on but haven’t seen the films.
    you are a comic genius.
    lori B

  4. Finally catching up on your totally enjoyable blog. Eric and I are both Billy Crystal fans and loved having him back in lead. I was disappointed that Hugo didn’t win, but I haven’t seen The Artist yet, so can’t compare. I read Hugo and War Horse with Nicolas and loved them both, as well as The Help. I’m one of the few people I know who also loved the book (adverb) Loud (adverb) Close but I haven’t seen the movie.

    Excited to read more of your engaging writing.

    • Billy Crystal fans unite! Funny this was all about movies but the result was another book being added to the must read pile… haven’t read Hugo…yet.
      Thanks for your kind words, they mean a lot.

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