All prepared to get snarky…

…about our continual cloudy weather when I came upon this…

Sunrise Over Mt. Hood

Sunrise over Mt. Hood taken February 6, 2012 by Jared Townsley and shared by his family. They have his pictures but lost him to the mountain.

I brought myself up short then went all ballistic on myself. How dare I complain about gray skies and the equally ashy skin tones of winter. Jared’s picture reminded me that above those depressing clouds is a majestic view. The same view my son has experienced.

It was Jeff’s first climb up the mountain. I did the mother thing …I worried… and I did it well. The day of his climb was clear and as I went about my day my eyes would seek the snowy peak in the distance knowing my son was up there somewhere.

It was that afternoon I got home to a blinking light on the message machine. Jeff was the only person standing atop Mt. Hood at that moment, able to get a cell signal off the mountain. I remember his short, sweet message to this day: “Mom? I’m here. I’m standing on top of the world.”

I was the lucky Mom. I got my son back.

It’s cloudy again today. I’m okay with that. Cause just above those depressing clouds is paradise. Thanks for the reminder Jared.


2 thoughts on “All prepared to get snarky…

  1. I love the line about the mother thing–“I worried and I did it well.” As the mother of adult children, I also worry sometimes about one thing or another–and feel like I’m fulfilling an important role in their lives.

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