Living up to the family legacy…

… or NOT. Thanks to genealogy I now know the trials my ancestors faced and overcame to get me to this point in my life… sitting comfortably in America

… safely upon my Daddy’s lap. Part of me immigrated from Norway, the other part from Scotland. Pioneers who settled in the Seattle area. They did not come to be a burden but to contribute to the great opportunities afforded them.

Among my lineage are farmers, managers, several business owners, a mayor, two City Historians, founders of two Historical Societies, presidents of several organizations and donors to medical science to name a few accomplishments. They were people with courage, faith, noble ideals and passion. Humanitarians in every sense of the word. (There is even a road in town named after the family… two in fact.) So where do I fit in on the family carousel where the golden ring, multiple times over, has already been captured? There isn’t a goofball among them leading me to wonder where I fit in.

It has become obvious to me that I come from a long line of over-achievers and it has fallen on my shoulders to blaze the path of mediocrity… and according to my resume, I may just be the best person for the job!

Wait a minute. That guy I’m sitting on while giving the stink-eye to the camera holder (aka Mom) … along with his many talents he was also a cartoonist. Hallelujah… I may just be from this gene pool after all.


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