…the heart fluttering giddiness has been replaced by a different kind of love. The ever popular, 365 days of practical love. The love that picks up dry cleaning, remembers to replace toilet paper rolls, hangs up towels and delivers that first cup of coffee in the morning… thoughtfulness that is sometimes taken for granted.

Years ago the Hub and I decided the need for a token gift and card because it was February 14th was unnecessary. We’re secure (and comfortable) in our relationship and besides, we’ve never been big participators in the gift giving department.

So today, Mr. Wonderful failed me. He stealthily came home after work sneaking this into the house… How dare he?

 This beautiful bouquet has pulled at my heart-strings while taunting me all evening. The Hub has insisted this could NOT possibly be a Valentine since today is the 13th. Nice try buddy… I’m not buying that pathetic stab at logic.

However I did do something which does not come naturally for me. I graciously accepted the gift of thoughtfulness… and as a token of my love, I will gladly be in charge of our morning coffee tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetie!


Valentine’s Day! 42 years later and…

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day! 42 years later and…

  1. Awwwww–is this sweet or is this SWEET? I have to confess this post got the water-works going and a left me with a huge smile and a warmed heart. What a wonderful way to welch on an agreement! <> Love this!

  2. I have never been one for accepting gifts either and it is nice to hear that there are couples out there that have lasted without it. His gesture of bringing flowers home was very sweet. I am glad you have enjoyed your Valentine’s Day (or the day after) and wish you many more happy years! ❤ This was a very sweet story. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Lovely flowers! My hub and I keep it simple now. This year I told him that in lieu of flowers we need to help our daughter get her car–she’s almost 18. However, it still feels like Valentines Day. I’m grateful for the man I married.

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