This afternoon seemed the perfect time to do a little maintaining and containing of ‘things’. Does anyone start out thinking I’m going to start a collection of… umm….  pinecones. Yes! I’m going to collect pinecones. No, these collections happen by some unknown force that I have not been able to identify let alone control. 

First came the SHEEP. Yes sir, for years sheep arrived when least expected. Just the mention of my love of the Bible story, the Lost Sheep and the loving shepherd who many times has given me comfort, brought sheep of all shapes, styles and sizes… flocks of them… into my care. My favorite was from my mother-in-law who proudly gifted me one birthday with a ‘sheep’ she had fallen in love with and couldn’t resist. We all just rolled our eyes. No one had the heart to tell her it was a mountain goat. It has since turned into my favorite ‘sheep’.

Eventually attention turned to STARBUCKS CARDS


Those wonderful little pieces of plastic which allow me to continue our family’s group addiction to coffee. (We’re Norwegian, I think it’s mandatory!) I couldn’t help but notice they were also works of art. Some have arrived from as far away as Australia and Malaysia. I love my enabler friends who have helped me amass (to date) 108 of these gems. I believe my sister-in-law has more … but I’m not jealous. At least that’s what I tell her.

Speaking of my sister-in-law, she got me hooked on collecting BREW PUB LOGO GLASSES. That all started with innocent thievery at a wedding rehearsal dinner. Our brilliant thinking was… if drunks can’t break them, they should be perfect for the kids to use. We now have more glasses then we’ll ever need.

…and there has always been BOOKS.

Shelves and shelves of books. In my quest to never be caught without something to read… I can now safely live to 246 years of age. Not that this will stop the purchasing frenzy.

No need to even go into the quilting, stamping and scrapbook supplies that would challenge any craft stores inventory. Or the files of collected recipes which sounded delicious but will probably never be made in my kitchen. On second thought, I may be teetering on the fine line of collecting insanity.

Whatever… at least I’m good at it.

I prefer to call it collecting, not clutter…

One thought on “I prefer to call it collecting, not clutter…

  1. I had no idea you have a sheep collection! How unique! And I’ve never even heard of Starbucks cards. Must be because I live in the boonies. I think the nearest Starbucks is in Medford, OR… about 140 miles from here. However… like you I have a lot of books… including a staggering number of unread books. Will someday ever come?

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