My life revolves around…

…WORDS. Writing them, reading them, speaking them, spelling them and to some people’s dismay, singing them. It’s the catching of words or thoughts and committing them to paper (or computer screen) before they flit away into the atmosphere that sometimes becomes my biggest hurdle.

Yesterday, I was trapped in my car with a brilliant scene idea in my head and… NO PAPER! Being desperate to record this vision of awesomeness, I dug through my purse… NOTHING! Really? A writer with no paper handy? Sacrilege.

I was forced to hold tight to my thought, which is harder than you might think at this age, as I panic-searched for paper of any kind. (When around, I sometimes use my granddaughter as a human post-it note. Her brain, not being yet full of life’s trivia, still has storage space for my nonsense.) After stuffing my hand into unexplored territory between the seats I laid claim to two crumpled napkins.  My own type of gold rush euphoria ensued.

Hand pressing the wrinkles and using the middle of the steering wheel as a desk I thoughtfully crafted my scene being careful not to jab too many holes through the flimsy paper with my pen or honk the horn. The scene written and made real because the eyes can now read these forever frozen in time thoughts, I smiled as I put the car in gear and moved on.

Those two napkins now sit on the desk next to me atop a pile of other random thoughts scribbled on even more oddly shaped scraps of paper. Will this scene I was so desperate to capture ever be used? I don’t know. But I do know if I ever need it, it’s there…. somewhere… in that pile of brilliantly captured words… as long as no one walks by needing a napkin.


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