Put the broom away…

I was once told by a friend that an oven doesn’t need cleaning until you can only bake two cupcakes at a time. Another person insisted that the first step to oven cleaning was to grab a broom and sweep out the bottom first. This made sense to me since I grew up eating breakfast in front of a wood & coal range. Fire built,  the door would be left open to heat our drafty kitchen. There was always something in need of sweeping. (and yes… I’m THAT old.)

This cleaning of ovens has always been dreaded in this household. But times have changed, and praise the Lord, so has my oven. A shiny new cooker of food came into my life three years ago.

With the new oven came new rules. Cleaning now consists of pushing two buttons. Nowhere in the manual is there a section on brooms or cans of chemicals. There is also no section on how to reprogram the brain to remember oven cleaning is no longer dirty, back-breaking work.

Right now, as I write this, I am cleaning my oven. Technology is amazing. I can only wonder what my mama, who had to build a fire before she could percolate her first cup of morning coffee, would think. Something tells me she’d have her broom out before remembering those magic buttons.



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