The Ice in the Bucket is Melting


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Bucket With Ice on a black background

There must be an ice shortage… because a whole lot of that stuff got used up in all the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges this summer. Not to worry… I still have the recipe for ICE …and I’m willing to share.

I don’t remember who was in the first ice bucket video I saw. It was the ALS in front of the challenge that caught my attention. Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Ice Bucket Challenge. Brady waits for Tim

While I heard some grumbling and scorn thrown at those accepting the challenge, my heart soared with each new video I saw. We don’t all walk in the same size shoe and I understand the lack of knowledge about this disease. (Although showing a little compassion would have been nice.) Hopefully they will learn about ALS without having to experience, in any way, this horrific disease.

Why should all these buckets of ice water mean so much to me?

I’m just going to blurt it out… Mr.P’s mother died from ALS. 

As a family we have first hand experience of dealing with and watching the effects ALS. It’s not easy to care for or watch someone you love go through the progressive stages.

To sum up the stages… ALS basically kills a person’s muscles but leaves the mind alone. Some stages have stuck with me like a super glued memory…

All five of us daughters and daughter-in-laws were with Avalon when she had her feeding tube put in. I was in the back seat with her on the ride home. Her speaking ability already gone she wanted to talk to me.

I fumbled in my purse to find my address book, (remember those?) flipped to the back (my X,Y, Z pages were always empty) and we wrote notes to each other. Her shaky hand asked, “Did anyone learn how to feed me?” My heart aches each time I think of this independent woman depending on us for her every need. (These notes stay safely tucked into my Bible’s pages.)

[You know that old saying: "Be nice to your children, they'll be deciding your future."? I totally get that now... LOVE you boys!!!]

So here we are, summer’s over, fall is rolling in and the warmth of all who participated in the challenge hasn’t left my heart….

Our family out did themselves, out of love and for the cause…

Son #1 

Ice Bucket Challenge. Bradly douses Jeff

Son #2

Ice Bucket Challenge. Brady douses Tim

…along with nieces and nephews…

Tom, Sandy, Caden, Trevin, Alisha, Chris, Colin and Jacob!

(and my cousin Michelle)

The results… 3 million donors generating $115 million dollars in donations! (Compared to 2.8 million last year.)

The fight is not over. If you feel the urge to donate (at any time) head on over to (Top of the page, far right, big red word…DONATE. It’s easy… and helpful.)

ice bucket challenge Wicked Witch of the West

If only eradicating all things evil were as simple as applying ice water.


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